There are four known forms of magic in Dualia: lightdancing in Sunside, worldcalling in the Ringstorm, and shademarking and stoneseeking in Shadeside. Further, many sparkweavers argue that the things they accomplish are just as magical as any hocus-pokery the others can do.

Lightdancing: Use AB: Magic from the core rulebook. In addition, their recharge rate is determined by the brightness of the light around them. In direct sunlight, they regain 1 PP/30 minutes. In a focusing chamber designed to gather more energy, they regain 1PP/15 minutes. If exposed to a bright explosion, they regain 1PP. In torchlight or weak light like that found in the Ringstorm, they regain 1PP/hour. In darkness and very dim light, they do not regain power points at all.

Sparkweaving Tinkerer: Use AB: Weird Science from the core rulebook. To be clear, average sparkwoven technology should be made with Repair (Sparkweaving), a unique skill. This arcane background specifically targets the tinkerers and inventors who are always looking to improve and alter sparkweaving, and who create unusual and fantastic devices.

Worldcalling: Use system here:

Shademarking: Using Zadmar’s Savage Arcanum:
-2: Explosive Backlash (Shadow washes over the area)
-1: Weakness: Bright light (New, explained below)
+2: Easy Maintenance
+1: Subtle
+1: 2 Powers
+1: Signature Power: Smite (Shadow blade, see below)
Shademarked are unique, in that they cannot regain or store power points through normal means. Instead, they have to spend an action to seize shadows in the area, manifesting them into physical form at the rate of 2 PP per action as long as the shadow still has PP. A small area of shade (for example, the shadow cast by a human) yields one power point, a small area of complete darkness or a medium area of shade yields two, and so on. The GM must determine the shadows in each area. A Shademarked can control up to 5 PP worth of Shadow essence at one time.
Weakness: Light. Shadow essence harvested from shadows must be shielded from the sun. Otherwise, it is burned away at the same rate a lightdancer would regain power points. Shadows can be stored in bags, underneath a layer of clothing, etc. Not sure yet how much can be stored where.
New edge: Efficient harvester. When a Shademarked harvests shadow essence, he does so at the rate of 3 per turn, or 1 as a free action. This edge can be taken once per rank, with each iteration increasing total harvest and free harvest by 1.
New edge: Efficient storage. This edge can be taken multiple times, once per rank. Each time it is taken, the amount of Shadow essence PP that can be stored in different types of containers increases by one.
Shadow Blade: Shademarked can form shadow essence into physical shapes, including weapons. Instead of adding +2 to weapon damage, form a new weapon as per Savage Armory rules (have a list ready beforehand), with an additional +1 weapon per raise up to +4 weapon points total. Alternatively, PP can be spent to make a physical object, such as a rope, a set of stairs, a ladder, etc.

Stonecalling: Currently: Use Mana Burn Rules with following changes:
Backlash: Rapid Growth: The crystals used for stonecalling grow in their hosts aggressively if their power is used in excess. On a 1 on the spellcasting die, no extra mana burn comes. Instead, the crystals grow to a new body part (hit location roll or adjacent?), scarring it as it transmutes the caster’s flesh too quickly for accurate guidance. This body part now has +1 Natural Armor, but also has some negative effects:
- Arm: While function remains, the arm is now larger and more unwieldy. Gain the All Thumbs hindrance on any task requiring more than one hand, or take a -1 to all fine motor skills requiring both hands if All Thumbs was already taken.
- Leg: The leg is now larger and heavier, and not nearly as flexible as it once was. Lose 1" of pace.
- Torso: Your chest feels tighter, and you are significantly heavier than you used to be. Gain the Obese hindrance, including an additional +1 Natural Armor.
- Head: The transformation here can go a variety of ways, such as Delusional (minor) as you hear the voices in the crystals calling back to you, Quirk as you develop some strange tick as part of your brain is turned to crystal, or Ugly as part of your face is transmuted.
New Edge: Guided transformation, Novice, Stonecalling d6. You take the time to guide the growth of the crystals embedded in your body, using the change to grant you greater skill rather than hindering you. Gain +1 Natural Armor in the affected area, along with additional effects depending upon the area chosen.
- Arm: You gain a natural weapon or a crystal buckler attached to your arm. Use Zadmar’s rules for creating natural weapons.
- Leg: You reshape your leg to be lighter and to better absorb shock. Gain 1" of pace.
- Torso: You channel the crystal into ridges of rock forming a breastplate. Gain an additional +1 Natural Armor.
- Head: As with backlash, the transformation here can go a variety of ways. You could gain the power to hear the voices of the crystals calling back to you, giving you insight into the world around you in the form of an extra Benny each session. You could form crystals around your eyes, allowing you to negate one point of sight penalties. Or it could be something else entirely (pending GM approval, of course).
Areas that are transformed through guided transformation are immune to backlash, and areas that have suffered backlash are ineligible for guided transformation.
New Edge: Reclaim Transformation: Veteran, Stonecalling d10. Choose an area that has been afflicted with backlash. Transform that area as through Guided Transformation, removing the former penalties.
New Edge: Crystalline Metamorphosis: Veteran, Stonecalling d12, Spirit d8. You are ready to transform yourself fully into a Crystalline, discarding your flesh for something more permanent. You must spend a week in seclusion, meditating and fasting. At the end of this time, you will emerge a Crystalline. Can only be taken with GM permission, and you may be required to undertake a quest of preparation first.


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