Along the equator of Dualia, where the constant warmth from Sunside meets the constant cold from Shadeside, an eternal storm brews, constantly changing from light drizzles to raging thunderstorms. Massive forests, swamps, and oceans ring the world, with the storms providing much of the water for the rest of the world. Its first inhabitants were the elves, proud, unshakably patient, and nearly immortal. They view these lands as their stewardship and their inheritance, and live in harmony with nature, tending to their forests and swamps and calling upon their power to defend themselves and their home from any who would assault them. They built their homes in the massive trees, forming large networks and levels of interconnected platforms and villages that spans much of the Ringstorm.

The discovery of the Sunside and the Shadeside came rapidly for these Stormdwellers. Attempting to greet the other races in peace, they were met with suspicion at best and open hostility at worst. Quickly deciding that these childlike races were better left to themselves, the elves were content to tend to their forests in peace, preferring the ways of nature to the ways of mortals. However, as the war between Sunside and Shadeside began to brew, both the Children of the Light and the Night Watchers attempted to forge alliances with the elves, recognizing the forests of the Ringstorm as potential staging grounds for any number of assaults. The elves have attempted valiantly to remain neutral in this growing conflict, but lacking the navy to properly police the oceans, allowed both sides to use the waterways for exploration and assaults.

Powers: Worldcalling
- View all other magics and technologies with a mixture of curiosity and disdain.

Races: Elves


Interestingly, as tensions began to rise between Sunside and Shadeside, the forests began to be visited by refugees and fugitives. Not wanting to draw the ire of either government, but also unwilling to let living creatures suffer and die when they could help, the elves began offering asylum to these runaways on the condition that they would abide by their laws and work for the good of their society. When it became clear that the Stormdwellers could repulse all assaults on their home, the Ringstorm became a mecca for outlaws and dreamers alike, a place where anyone could go and start a new life. Unfortunately, this soon led to considerable crime increases and looming overpopulation, and the elves were forced to segregate their society to keep their peaceful way of life intact. The elves and those who had garnered enough favor were given homes at the tops of the trees, while new refugees and the less desirable elements that were already there were relegated to lower levels and the swamps below.
Stormdwellers: The upper levels of the forests, home of the elves and VIP fugitives.
Swamp Scum: The lower levels of the forests, run by criminals and fugitives.


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