The southern half of Dualia is pointed directly away from the sun, shrouding the land in darkness. Strange and savage beasts prowl the eternal night, and great mushroom forests, frozen arctic wastelands, and rocky mountains and volcanoes form most of the terrain. Every Sunsider expedition to this forsaken land has met with disaster, as lightdancers and sparkwoven batteries regain their power abysmally slow and only by firelight. The innate rangers have had some luck using dragons to burn away clearings and maintain bonfires, but they are only temporary measures, and the brave souls who attempted to fight the monstrous beasts and devious inhabitants of Shadeside have all been killed or forced back to more hospitable realms.

The people who live here, however, are not quite so evil as is commonly thought. From the darkling humans guarding the towering mushroom forests to the dwarves delving ever deeper into the sprawling networks of caverns under the surface, these races have adapted to the darkness and made it their home. Pursuing new knowledge and wisdom above all else, they are quiet, reserved, intelligent, and analytical, but often deceptive and prone to moral relativism. Due to the first few encounters with hostile Sunsider scouting parties, they view the Sunsiders with contempt, scoffing at their self-righteous crusade against their home and the eternal night as the ravings of madmen. Still, they recognize the threat that this war could represent, and they have been researching ways to fight in the light as well as the darkness.

Powers: Shadowdancing, Stoneseeking
- Scoff at lightdancers and their lack of power in their land, but have learned to be wary when fighting on their terms.
- Curious about sparkweaving and how it works, but also fear its destructive power.

Races: Human (darkling), Dwarf, Crystalline

Watchers: Led by the humans of the mushroom forests, they are excellent at scouting, stealth, hit-and-run tactics, and shadowdancing.
Delvers: The primary clan of the dwarves, they dig deep underground with the help of their mechanized tools and their tamed monsters.
Stoneseekers: Those who sacrifice their bodies for the power to alter reality. All races are welcomed, as the stones will grow in all living things.


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