The halflings have always been a race that valued brain over brawn. Through some early conflicts with the races around them, they recognized that their race would never be able to survive in direct war, so they became nomads, traveling in caravans from the rocky bluffs and harsh deserts of the north pole to the stinking swamps and towering rainforests of the Ringstorm. Establishing themselves as merchants and seekers of rare items, they ensured that they were more valuable to the Lizardfolk, Humans, and Elves as business partners than as slaves.

Through this transition, they learned to venture into many different dangerous environments and harvest rare natural resources, and discovered some interesting natural phenomena, and being an inquisitive people they naturally experimented with everything they could find. Soon, they found ways to store the sun’s energy in containers and direct it into other kinds of energy: heat, sound, and force. Using their intricate knowledge of materials and crafting, they developed machines to utilize these energies, and soon became the most technologically advanced race in Sunside.

With the advent of the Dark War, the halflings were quickly recruited for their engineering genius and intimate knowledge of terrain. Now known as the Sparkweavers, they ride on great mechanized caravans that provide safe transport around Sunside and a home for people of all races who love learning, invention, and innovation. Bandits have learned to stay away from all but the weakest of the caravans, since any assault will bring a swift barrage of lightslinger bolts and attacks from both camel cavalry and mechbug riders, sending all but the strongest forces scurrying in terror.

Important Terminology:

Mechbugs: sparkwoven machines made to imitate the insects and lizards that live everywhere the Halflings ever traveled. All-terrain vehicles running on solar power.

Suncrushers: some of the first weapons to harness the power of the sun. Channeling stored light energy into heat and/or force, these glowing clubs, gauntlets, and blades can burn foes while sending them flying.

Lightslingers: Ranged weapons that utilize sparkwoven batteries with explosive results. These weapons form light energy into small disks that are flung through the air, bursting upon contact with any surface. They range in power from pistols for personal defense to cannons for defending the greatest caravans.



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