The northern half of Dualia is pointed directly toward its sun, with the planet rotating to continually face it. Light and heat bathes the land in unending waves, ranging from pleasant warmth in the forests, oceans, and rivers closer to the Ringstorm to unbearable fire in the arid deserts and mirror sea at the north pole. Its races have adapted to this constant energy, and have settled all across this land. While they were once continually bickering and attacking one another, with the discovery of the Ringstorm and the Shadeside beyond the races united as one to confront the abomination of the eternal night.

Enjoying the sun’s eternal glory, these united sunsiders call themselves the Children of the Light. Living loud, colorful, indulgent lives, they value bards, orators, performers, and military, but sometimes dismiss scholars and more thoughtful pursuits. They are mostly dark-skinned, which they call “blessed by the sun." On the other hand, light-skinned creatures used to be considered cursed with sunburns, while tan skinned creatures were thought to be in the process of slowly being accepted by the sun. This is now officially no longer the view of the churches, but racism is still prevalent.

Powers: Lightforging, sparkweaving
- Hate shademarked with passion and view them as abominations.
- View stoneseekers with a mixture of revulsion and pity, and view killing them as a mercy.

Races: humans, dragons, lizardfolk, halflings

Sparkweavers: The primary clan of halflings, this clan values technology and progress above all else, dwelling in vast mechanized caravans that speed across the deserts, swamps, and forests of Sunside and the Ringstorm.
Lightdancers: Led by the lizardfolk, this clan pursues higher and greater forms of lightdancing, forming communities around shrines and monasteries dedicated to enlightenment.
Inherents: Formed by the alliance of humans and dragons, this clan believes that technology and magic are only as strong as those who wield them, and focus on pursuing physical perfection and political and economic triumph in massive cities.

Penumbra: Formed by elven missionaries from the Ringstorm, this religious order teaches that both light and darkness are necessary parts of the whole of the universe, training missionaries to spread their words of peace and tolerance among all other clans. They are hated but tolerated, since to act against them would be to incur the wrath of the elves, potentially giving their enemies an advantage in the eternal war.


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