Use Zadmar’s rules for weapon creation as presented in Savage Armory and Savage Abilities, adding these archetypes to the weapons.

Suncrushers: some of the first weapons to harness the power of the sun. Channeling stored light energy into heat and/or force, these glowing clubs, gauntlets, and blades can burn foes while sending them flying.
-3: Exotic Weapon: Suncrushers. These weapons are powerful, but in the wrong hands they can be just as deadly to the user and his allies as to foes. Non-proficient users suffer -1 Parry and the Dangerous ability while using this weapon.
+3: Knockback: Opponents are knocked back d6" if you get a raise on your attack, if they hit a solid object they suffer +d6 damage.
+2: High Penetration (AP2) and +1: Elemental: Flaming (Illumination, can set flammable targets on fire)
If using money, also use -1: Expensive, and an additional +1 ability.
Suggested Weapons: 2-handed war club/brass knuckles w/knockback, flame saber

Lightslingers: Ranged weapons that utilize sparkwoven batteries with explosive results. These weapons form light energy into small disks that are flung through the air, bursting upon contact with any surface. They range in power from pistols for personal defense to cannons for defending the greatest caravans.
-3: Exotic Weapon: Lightslingers. These weapons are strange to those who are not experienced with them. Users suffer -1 Attack and take twice as long to reload while using this weapon.
-1: Gun. While no one in Dualia has ever heard of gunpowder, this weapon makes a loud noise akin to a muffled gunshot and creates a large trail of light that can be traced back to the shooter.
+4: Area-Effect: Projectiles from this weapon now affect a small burst template.
+4: Multishot: Weapon gains Double Tap.
If using money, also use -1: Expensive, and an additional +1 ability.
Suggested Weapons: Explosive Bow, Spinfusor (Tribes: Ascend)

Poisons: Extra damage, slowed reactions (penalty to Agility rolls), sleep, etc. Only used by Shadesiders, since no Sunsider would be caught dead using such a dishonorable weapon.

Stoneforged: Use basic power armor/mech rules.


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